Interesting Facts

Nikola Tesla invented the AC generator.

The first power station was the Edison Electric Light Station, built in London, which started operation in January 1882

On the 10th December, 1895, electricity was officially switched on for Launceston. The Council constructed a turbine-driven power station at Duck Reach and it is understood that Launceston had the distinction of being the first City south of the Equator to be lit by electricity, generated by water power.

The original two pin electrical plug and socket were invented by Harvey Hubbell and patented in 1904

As of 2000, the mains supply voltage specified in AS 60038 is a Sinusoidal wave 230 Volt RMS with a tolerance of +10% -6% and a frequency of 50 hertz

The current required to kill a human depends on the individual’s body resistance, the resistance in the circuit, the voltage applied and where the shock occurs, it is usually accepted to be between a few milliamps to about 50 mA
Normal RCD’s trip at 30mA usually under 40 milliseconds (the standard requires device to trip under 300 milliseconds).
The time for one complete alternating current cycle is 20 milliseconds.

Did know new equipment does not need testing ? but can be fitted with a "new to service tag"
Extract from the AS3760 standard....
1.2.1 New equipment
In Australia, when the equipment is new, the supplier is deemed responsible for its initial electrical safety. New equipment need not be tested but shall be examined for obvious damage. Where deemed compliant the owner or responsible person shall ensure it is tagged in accordance with
NOTE – This clause is drawn to the attention of owners of computer and office equipment, who may arrange for the tagging action to be undertaken by their in-house competent person. (c) In Australia, equipment that is new and entering into service for the first time but not tested and tagged shall have a tag applied that includes the following information:
(i) Wording, “new to service”
(ii) Date of entry to service
(iii) Date when next test is due
(iv) Statement, “This appliance has not been tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3760”.

Does your Tester and Tagger cut the plugs off devices that fail? They are not supposed to, this is what the standard says
2.4.1 Non-compliant equipment
Where in-service inspection or testing identifies equipment which fails to comply with the criteria given in this Standard, the equipment shall be appropriately labelled to indicate that the equipment requires remedial action and warn against further use. Such equipment shall be withdrawn from service. The choice of remedial action, disposal or other corrective action shall be determined by the owner or the person responsible for the safety of the site where the equipment is used.

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